ACEBOND Chromium Carbide Slate Conveyor Floors vs.
OEM Slat Conveyor AR200 Floors

This comparison is based on industry average wear rates and costs. The actual costs of your equipment and wear rates will vary. The following is a guideline to evidence the magnitude of savings available. We welcome the opportunity to calculate your payback based on your actual wear rates and costs.

ACEBOND Chromium Carbide Set of Slat Conveyor Floors

OEM Set of Slat Conveyor AR 200 Floors

Replacement cost



Labor cost $960
(4 men @ $30/hr for 8hrs)

(4 men @ $30/hr for 8hrs)

Downtime, material



Total cost



Replacement needed

÷ 10,000
(Every 10 years or 10,000hrs)

÷ 2,500
(Every 2.5yrs or 2,500hrs)

Cost per operating hour



YOU SAVE $3.69 per operating hour, or 71% by using
ACEBOND Chromium Carbide Slat Conveyor Floors!