ACE Group AR400 Screed Plates and Extensions vs.
Blaw Knox AR200 Screed Plates and Extensions

This comparison is based on industry average wear rates and costs for an Omni 3 screed and extensions The actual costs of your equipment and wear rates will vary. The following is a guideline to evidence the magnitude of savings available. We welcome the opportunity to calculate your payback based on your actual wear rates and costs.

ACE Group AR 400 Screed Plates & Extensions

Blaw Knox AR 200 Screed Plates & Extensions

Replacement cost



Labor cost $480
(2 men @ $30/hr for 8hrs)

(2 men @ $30/hr for 8hrs)

Downtime, material

(every third time is in the field)

(every third time is in the field)

Total cost



Replacement needed

÷ 3,000
(Every 3yrs or 3,000hrs)

÷ 1,500
(Every 1.5yrs or 1,500hrs)

Cost per operating hour



YOU SAVE $2.51 per operating hour, or 63% by using
ACE Group AR 400 Screed Plates & Extensions!