ACE Group Replacement Paver Wear Parts vs.
OEM Equivalent Replacement Paver Wear Parts

This comparison is based on industry average wear rates and costs for a Blaw Knox PF510. The actual costs of your equipment and wear rates will vary. The following is a guideline to evidence the magnitude of savings available. We welcome the opportunity to calculate your payback based on your actual wear rates and costs.


ACE Group Cost Per Operating Hour

OEM Equivalent Operating Cost Per Hour

Track Pads and Bands



Augers $0.89


Chain & Bar Assemblies



Screed Plates



Floor Plates



Total per operating hour



YOU SAVE $10.95 per operating hour, or
52.5% by using ACE Group Replacement Wear Parts!

The average paver runs 1,000 hours a year.  With savings of $10.95 p/hr, you will increase your profits by $10,950 for every paver you operate.  Your operation may run more hours than the average, and if so, you will save even more each year