We Have Screed and Floor Plates for Major Brands, Including:










AR 450 Steel is our standard material for ALL Screeds and Floor Plates.  But, at your request, we can upgrade to AR 500 or Chromium Carbide.


ACE Group sets the standard in the industry for wear plates.  We’ve raised the bar again and again, and are now offering our chromium carbide screeds and floors.  Our screed plates have proven themselves to last at least four times longer than the OEM screeds.  After extensive data collecting, we’ve found that the savings over the life of a chromium carbide screed is between $12,000 and $13,000, depending on the make of screed.

In addition, this product is winning “mat-smoothness” awards because we’ve taken the extra expense of having it produced with “fusion-bonded” and “sub-arc” welded overlay.  In this process, the base metal is rolled before the application of chromium carbide and then submerged in flux, which keeps the base metal cool while protecting it from spatter.  This gives you a more flexible plate that has fewer blemishes and imperfections in the surface, which means a smoother mat for you.

Because our product has a lower coefficient of friction, the new polymer mixes of asphalt don’t require the screed temperature to be turned up either.

We also provide screeds in Hardox AR450 as well.  For many applications, this is perfectly adequate and the quality is equal to or better than OEMs.