Bolt-on wear plates are an excellent way to line drag conveyor floors, inlet chutes, cones, and many other areas of high wear.  They are available in a wide range of sizes and can be cut to fit your specific application.

Other wear plates on the market are made of Ni-Hard, which according to ASTM A-532/532M are Class 1, Type A, B, C or D “white iron”.  They have a range of 1.4% chromium to a maximum 11% Cr, depending on whether it’s a Type A, B, C or D.

ACE Group bolt-on wear plates are made of High-Cr (M7C3), which is Class 111, Type A (ASTM A-532/532M) classification of white iron. This classification has a chromium content between 23-30%.  ACE Group High-Cr plates are made of 27% chromium and are several steps up the ladder from Ni-Hard in quality and performance for abrasion and impact resistance.

High-Cr plates are less reliant on the “chilling” process to achieve their hardness than Ni-Hard, due to its chemical composition.  In addition, the hardness is more consistent through the entire thickness. Chromium also has a lower co-efficient of friction as well, which adds to its abrasion-resistance properties.  We have a various number of sizes available.  Call us at 888-878-0898 for sizes and availability.