For years diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene, naptha, alcohol, petroleum distillates have been sprayed, scrubbed and poured on equipment to either keep asphaltic and grease type materials from sticking to it or to remove it once it has hardened. Because of constant pressure by such groups as the EPA and the Workers Compensation Board, the industry is finally realizing that these products are not only harmful to our ecosystem, they can also be a health hazard because of bad handling practices and inadequate facilities. In fact, most states and provinces are now banning the open use of these products for such things as spraying into truckbeds and sides of asphalt machinery. Low cost replacements for these products are needed and the ACE Group has the solution.

The ACE Group Asphalt Release Agent is a water based, water soluble product that is environmentally friendly and safe to use in applications where materials tend to stick to surfaces such as truck boxes, asphalt pavers, rollers, mainframes and other equipment that is in contact with this type of material. It is simply diluted with water and sprayed onto clean surfaces before it is used. The application rates will depend on the application area, the number of cycles that are completed or the tenacity of the material.

The product is a blend of environmentally friendly materials and is shipped in a concentrated format which requires no special care or storage. It is then mixed with water before being applied. Finally, a product that works, is safe to handle and is economical.

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