The Problem

Bands wear out on track pavers and they are very expensive to replace. Paver operators are very cost conscious and want to do all they can to reduce their costs of operation and to get maximum value from the replacement wear parts that they purchase. This can lead to all bands being considered equal and compared as though they are all oranges when in fact some are apples and some are lemons.

The Solution

Use a track band of superior quality that lasts longer, costs less and saves downtime because it doesn’t have to be replaced as often.

ACE Group track bands last longer than our competitors’ products for the following reasons:

  • We use Nicron 58 cable, which strand for strand is equal to or better quality than all of our competitors and wears significantly better.

  • Our bands have seven strands, not five, which increases the life of the band.

  • Our bands are left-hand and right-hand wound, which ensures that the cable doesn’t twist like a corkscrew under load and lead to premature failure of the band.

  • ACE Group uses a flexible poly which minimizes tension and leads to significantly reduced cracks in the band and much longer corrosion-free life for the cables. The life of the band is increased because the cable is protected from corrosion for much longer periods.

The strength of the band comes from the seven Nicron 58 cables. The role of the poly in the operation of the band is to seal the cable off from all corrosion factors and keep the cables in place as they rotate around the track. Our competitors often use a stiffer poly to make the band look stronger and only use five cables, not seven. Using a stiffer poly leads to more tension on the poly as it turns around the sprockets which causes the band to crack. Water then gets in to the cables which act as a wick and draw the moisture down the whole length of the cable, leading to corrosion of the cable and cable failure.

ACE Group’s rebuilt tracks use ACE Group hand rebuilt cross shoes, ACE Group seven-strand Nicron 58 cable bands,and ACE Group chemical bonded pads. From time to time as a promotion for these rebuilds, we offer warranties of two years or 2400 hours on a pro-rated basis for all components of our rebuilt tracks including the bands. This compares with a 90 day guarantee from most OEMs on their bands and they are 30% to 40% more expensive than our ACE Group bands.

If you cannot get those guarantees in writing from your supplier on the four critical quality standards outlined before you purchase, then you are comparing lemons with oranges. When you compare the quality and price of our bands to other bands you will find that not only do you get a superior band with ACE Group, you also get it at a very competitive price.

New Bands

New bands are included with our rebuilt tracks.  Our bands are 7 strand Nicron 58 cable LH and RH wound to stop uneven winding pressures on the bands.

The Benefit

You receive ACE Group bands of equal or better quality than an OEM band for 30% to 40% less cost that the OEM equivalent bands. This equals big performance improvements and cost savings for you and your paver operation when you follow the ACE Group track band pathway for your replacement track bands.

Before making your purchase decisions, we want you to be a fully informed customer who clearly understands the quality and valued customer relationship so the low quality commodity manufacturers don’t get your money and you don’t get the problems and hassles that go along with them.