The RAPwrangler was designed to be powerful, efficient and easy to maintain.  It can be used to render football sized chunks down to suitable gradations.  The RAPwrangler eliminates off-site pre-crushing of asphalt materials to be recycled.

The 20″ rotor is equipped with 312 replaceable tungsten-tipped milling teeth that shred football size chunks of asphalt down to 1″ at a rate of 250 tons per hour.  The rotor spins at 127 RPM constantly undermining the material in the 30″ x 40″ hopper directly above it.

It is designed to size material in congealed and over size milling stockpiled at a rate of 20-250 TPH.  It processes up to football sized pieces at a rate of 125TPH to 150TPH.  It may be set up with any size milling tooth.  Your cost of processing RAP is as low as US$0.45 per ton.

RAPwrangler in Action

The RAPwrangler is mounted on a steel frame base.  A portable feeder conveyor is on the left and a final RAP conveyor is underneath feeding up to the drum plant.